Marko’s Resignation Official–Emeritus Position rescinded

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Interesting activities at the Board meeting today.

The Board heard the item recognizing retirements and resignations, and Mr. Marko’s name was on that item, formally retiring. Interesting that this was added to the item this morning. Why wouldn’t this have been placed on the agenda when Marko sent his one-line memo advising he was not seeking the extension?

The Board heard this item before they considered Ben William’s item, requesting the extension to the Employment Agreement for Marko, so the Board formally approved Mr. Marko’s retirement, then turned around and heard the item requesting the extension.

Maureen Dinnen asked whether the extension was moot at this point, and the Board members appeared confused as to what to do with the item. Interestingly, Marko chose not to give them any direction at that point, so Notter suggested that perhaps Mr. Williams should open the agenda and withdraw the item.

I wonder why Ben didn’t withdraw the item prior to today? Could it be that he hoped that Marko would change his mind about leaving? Why didn’t Notter put Marko’s retirement on the agenda before today? I’m guessing there were a lot of behind the scenes conversations between Ben, Notter and Marko.

In any event, they ultimately re-opened the agenda and withdrew the item seeking the extension, since Marko’s retirement was just approved.

The other interesting thing is that the item asking the Board to rescind the job description for the Emeritus position passed without any discussion on the consent agenda.  At the workshop, it did not appear that there was unanimous agreement to reconsider the job description. The board members advise what items they wish to consider on the consent agenda at the beginning of the meeting. Thus, this item passed on consent before Marko’s retirement and before Ben Williams withdrew the employment agreement.

I assume, based on the discussion at the workshop, it was obvious that Marko was leaving, but the Board has had no discussion about the status of the Emeritus position, nor has Marko indicated that he will not pursue this. In fact, at the workshop, he clearly stated his intention of pursuing his right  to the Emeritus position.

Thus, what can be assumed by this item being passed on consent? Does that mean Marko has given up his “right” to being appointed Emeritus and thus, the job description is not needed? Or does this mean that the Board is in agreement that they need to re-define the position so they will be re-writing it and awarding it to Marko on different terms?

While I’m glad the item did pass, it would have been helpful had someone pulled the item to clarify where the Board is now with regard to the Emeritus position.


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