Updates and My Evaluation of Marko in 2007

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In my initial report, I noted that the minutes of the November 2, 2009 workshop indicated that there was no evaluation done of Mr. Marko since 2006.  I did some additional research, and found that while the Board did do an evaluation in 2006, only 5 of 9 members completed that evaluation. You can see the results here. Darla Carter and Bob Parks reported that Marko “exceeds expectations” while Maureen Dinnen, Marty Rubinstein and Ben Williams found that Marko “met expectations.”  No evaluations appeared to be completed by Robin Bartleman; Bev Gallagher; Al Jones; or Stephanie Kraft. I don’t recall why I did not complete the evaluation, it could be I just did not meet the deadline. .  The timing of the evaluation was also interesting.  The Board approved the Evaluation Instrument at its October 17, 2006, meeting, the same meeting where a majority of the Board fired Superintendent Till.  The evaluations of Marko were due to be returned by October 31st.

It also appears that contrary to what was in the minutes of the November 2, 2009, workshop, there was an evaluation conducted in 2007.  I do not have the matrix showing all of Mr. Marko’s evaluation results, but I do have mine, which you can see here. I also attached a comprehensive explanation of my scores, which were “unsatisfactory.”

Finally, I located a Board “follow-up” from the October 30, 2007, workshop, which sets forth items discussed in that workshop and what Board members seek to accomplish.  It will be interesting if the Board chooses to look back and this and include this in the discussion of whether to keep Marko or not.

That workshop is taking place this morning at 11:00 am and can be viewed at www.browardschools.com. I know I will be listening!


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